It’s not about a moment, it’s about a movement.

Movement’s GrowthTrack is a four-part journey designed to help you grow as a follower of Christ, understand the heartbeat of our church, discover your unique design, and be mobilized on mission to change your world.

You will walk through four purposefully curated segments with the ultimate goal of strengthening your faith, understanding our culture, and establishing yourself as part of this community. This is where you begin. Where you go from here has unbelievable potential.


Know Who We Are

This step is a basic introduction to Movement Church. We will discuss our mission, unique vision, and what that looks like practically week-to-week. This step offers you the opportunity of joining a Small Group. In a word, you move from the crowd to the community by getting connected.


Discover Your Design

This step guides you through a discovery of your personality and gifts, which point you in the direction of your purpose in life. It isn’t meant to answer every question. Again, it will give you both a location and a direction to continue taking steps in following Jesus at Movement Church.


Join the Team

This step offers you the opportunity to become part of a ServeTeam by connecting with the serving team of your choice and learning how you can serve others by using your gifts and living out your purpose.


Become a Partner

The final step of the GrowthTrack journey is where you personally engage and commit to helps advance and accelerate the mission of Movement Church through partnership.

Your Move

The big-picture goal of GrowthTrack is to see every person living God’s ultimate purpose for their life, which is to share His love and make an eternal difference in the life of another person.