Faith Through a Pandemic

Description: Have you ever heard the phrase, "Life Happens?" Sometimes, seemingly out of knowwhere we are standing face-to-face with something we could've never planned for - like a global pandemic. So how do we, not only hold on to faith, but continue to build our faith in the face of unexpected seasons?

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1. What To Do When All Hope Seems Lost

Jeff Price | June 28, 2020

2. How to Navigate a Season of Death

Jeff Price | July 5, 2020

3. Do Our Methods Line Up With God's Mission?

Jeff Price | July 12, 2020

4. Holding on to God's Promises

Jeff Price | July 19, 2020

5. How To Keep It All Together When Nothing Is Together

Jeff Price | July 26, 2020

6. Real Talk: Things I Want to Maintaing Coming Out Of COVID-19

Jon Slater, Scott Murray, Justyn Schwindt, Brian Belleth and Terri Granville | August 23, 2020