We are a MVMNT Generation who longs to make a difference in our world!

MVMNT is the student ministry of Movement Church. Our goal is simple, to reach students who are far from God and to disciple those who love him. If you have any questions about MVMNT, email us at justyn@wearemovement.ca, we’d be happy to help.

Middle School

Thursdays from 6:30-8:30pm
Grades 6-8

Through crazy games, contests, events, and team activities, our goal is to help students through the transition into their teen years while building in them on a solid foundation of Jesus' love and the incredible plan God established for their lives!

High School

Wednesday & Thursday Evenings
Grades 9-12

We know that students grow best in a life-giving community, so we intentionally create small group environments where students can take of their masks, engage in authentic conversations, eat some food, make lifelong friends, and move closer to Jesus.

Move Nights

3rd Friday of Every Month
Grades 8-12

Our once-a-month Worship gathering is a party! These nights are designed for students to make friends, have fun, and experience church and Jesus in a new way that connects with them and where they're at. It's a great opportunity to come and see what we’re all about!

Parent Resources

A curated list of videos, books, websites, and scripture to help support you in raising Godly students.

Upcoming Events

We're always looking for new and creative ways to stay connected and spark moments that will impact your life.


It's Personal

In this episode, we talk about feeling misunderstood and the difference between knowing about someone and having authentic, personal relationships.


Real Conversations with
real students about real issues.