Watch Parties

What is A Movement@Home Watch Party?

A Movement@Home Watch Party is a group of people who gather together weekly to engage in our Sunday experience, participate in focused discussion, spend time in prayer and encourage one another in their individual and collective journeys of faith.

Why Should I Participate In A Watch Party?

The reality is we are created with the need for connection. And the longer we are separated in isolation, the more we feel that longing. Watch Parties are our way of redeeming the mission of the local church as we navigate this season together.

The Chuch isn't about consuming content alone, it's about living on purpose within an authentic community.


In-Person Watch Parties

These gatherings take place in homes, backyards, or any space you can gather together in a safe and comfortable way. We encourage you to stand, sing, lean into the message, and engage in meaningful connection and discussion.

Online Watch Parties

These gatherings take place over a digital platform (ie. ZOOM, Facebook, etc.). We encourage the group to watch Sunday’s Experience together either live or on-demand, then engage online for discussion, prayer and connection.


Host a Watch Party

You can Host a Watch Party, either in-person or online by letting us know and registering your party. We want to be able to support you, cheer you on, and resource you to succeed.

Join a Watch Party

You can Join a Watch Party by accepting an invitation from a Host or by completing the form below. Our team will assist in connecting you with a Watch Party that best fits your situation.


Our Watch Party has only ever met online, we watch church at home on Sundays and then meet on Facebook every Tuesday night to go through the discussion questions and do life together. We have a Facebook chat group where we can pray with each other. Last week, one of the guys in my group’s dad passed away. We were able to ‘be’ together online, pray, cry together and get through a very tough time all together. I am so grateful for the opportunity to do life online with new friends in this season.

Nick S.Watch Party Host

One of the things I’ve been missing most in this season is gathering together for worship. It’s just not the same when you’re by yourself! Being part of a Watch Party has given me that sense of connection; it has encouraged me to go deeper in worship and make it a meaningful experience every week. And with the volume cranked up, the band almost drowns out my own singing!

Terra D.Watch Party Host

I have been loving my weekly online Watch Party. We all watch church online and then get together over ZOOM to discuss the message and worship together. Recently, my cousin in England asked me about a personal relationship with Jesus. I was able to share and be a part of their special moment of allowing Jesus into their life!!! It was incredible. I look forward to my Watch Party every week!

Amanda O.Watch Party Host